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As a personal trainer, my philosophy is to inspire people to start perceiving workout as something to enjoy and not just another daily obligation. In order to achieve that, I have to search for ever new workouts that keep the clients motivated. That's why I actually felt relieved when I discovered the Freestyler. It makes my work so much easier because it provides such a variety of possibilities that the clients simply cannot get bored. They are just loving it ! But what's even more important: it is extremely efficient. It enables a whole body workout plus it's a fat burner and professional body shaper in one. I think that's the main reason for clients satisfaction : they see the results in a matter of weeks !

Another great thing about the Freestyler, crucial for PTs, is that it's so easily transportable. Just put it in the trendy Freestyler bag and you are already on your way to your clients.

So my advice to all personal trainers would be : do not hesitate, go ahead and get your Freestyler so you can see for yourself how easily you will satisfy your clients, attract new ones and increase your profits!

Fitzroy Gaynes, personal trainer

Jutta Schuhn, Freestyler education specialist
Freestyler education specialist
International presenter

Svetlana Kazatchok

As a fitness professional, I saw zillion of different fitness workout stations so I was totally surprised how well-made Freestyler is. My trainees can use it for both a strength and toning workout at the same time. It's super easy, simple & fun and someone can transition from one exercise to the next without stopping. It shapes the body while at the same time calms you down. My clients say it's the perfect solution after a busy day.

Nevenka Magister, Pilates guru

The Freestyler Pilates workout is intended for all who want to strengthen their "core muscles”, prevent or ward off problems with back pain and develop long, lean, flexible, beautiful muscles. The workout is slow and focused so you can really concentrate on yourself and restore much needed balance.

The Freestyler unique system of rollers and elastic tubing provides numerous additional benefits in the Pilates workout. It is also a great workout enhancement for those who already practice Pilates and want more out of it. Strength and flexibility, particularly of the abdomen and back muscles as well as coordination, both muscular and mental are key components in an effective Freestyler Pilates program. The Freestyler Pilates class is structured like a typical Pilates class that is performed on a mat, reformer or any other typically used equipment.

Nika Kljun, 5 times Dance world champion

I cannot stress enough the importance of the good physical preparation Freestyler provides and what impact it has had on my overall performance in dancing. You get the power where you need it and when you need it!”

I have been dancing my whole life. My parents own a big dancing school, Bolero, and I was always a part of the daily dance school routine.

A year ago I stumbled upon the Freestyler. I found out about it on the internet, since many of my fellow dancers had already been using it. Amongst them are a few world champions. They recommended the Freestyler to me as a tool that would increase my physical abilities and that increase would also spawn better performance on the dance floor. At the time, I felt my dancing was not progressing enough, so I decided to give it a try. After only a few workouts on the Freestyler my body started to feel differently. I was toned, I felt strong. I continued working out on the Freestyler for a whole month and after that period I really felt my dancing was going through the roof. I felt I could do anything with my body. All my friends and fellow competitors within the dance school were noticing drastic changes in my dance performance. I kept exercising on the Freestyler and the competitions came. I was strong, I was confident, my body appeared toned and judges saw that. I improved all my scores and soon became an elite dancer, claiming world titles in hip hop and in group formations. I also shaped up my body along the way, an extra benefit!

I still compete at the top level and we have also introduced Freestyler in our dance school, because I want to share my experience with other dancers. I cannot stress enough the importance of the good physical preparation the Freestyler provides and what impact it has on overall performance in dancing. You get the power where you need it and when you need it!

Urban Praprotnik, ex top athlete, award winning researcher & running coach

As a running coach I work with professional athletes as well as normal people who like running and wish to improve their technique. Therefore it is crucial for me to come up with training that brings results for different target groups. I was looking for equipment that would be easy to use and transport and most importantly: something efficient.
When exercising in a nonfunctional environment such as on classic fitness machines or in a way that does not allow you to train for your sport specific functional demands, your exercise routine becomes impaired and fails to deliver the desired results. Researchers and experts in the field of sport advocate functional training - it’s a global trend that cannot be ignored. And then I discovered the Freestyler…

What I like about the Freestyler is that you can simulate almost any sports technique or movement. I realized that functional exercising is really the best way to practice. You get strength and power where you need it and when you need it.

On top of that, working out on the Freestyler prevents injuries which present a hazard in the career of every athlete. With multi-axis movements, which are completely supported on the Freestyler, muscles surrounding the joints are strengthened. This means much stronger and more stable joints and therefore much less possibility for any kind of injury.

I recommend it to everyone I coach, to all running enthusiasts, as well as anyone involved in any form of sporting activity. I guarantee you that your results will improve and injuries will not be your biggest fear anymore!
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