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Welcome to the Freestyler Academy

Freestyler academy trained countless fitness professionals who have now established a rewarding career in the fitness industry. We believe in offering 'flexibility' in teaching and understand that not everyone can attend educational classes. For this reason the Freestyler instructor & master trainer certification is offered as fully integrated internet (online) solution. For those who wish to be educated inhouse, look for options below.


Discover how instructors and clubs have had success with the Freestyler

Read different testimonials and success stories from fitness professionals all over the world, who have started with the Freestyler and easily established a great business and lucrative additional steam of income. They explain their field of expertise, what circle of influence they worked with and what actions did they take in order to become financially successful.


Become a certified Freestyler professional - Looking For the Best

With successful growth comes the need for talented Freestyler trainers to provide industry support to deliver the drive and passion that we know enables clubs to create the highest standards in group fitness experience for their members.

The Freestyler Master Trainer Team is a committed and highly skilled group of Fitness Professionals. Each Master Trainer brings a wide variety of background and experience to the team and ensures that clubs receive the level of value and impact required in the delivery of Freestyler group exercise experiences for its members to maintain their level of enjoyment and commitment to the club.

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